Early Pre 17th Century Ice Hockey Precursors

I have uncovered some interesting info on hockey-related contests predating the 17th century.

Ice Hockey began being played by ancients many years ago…

First off the game Bandy:


”Bandy is a team winter sport played on ice, in which skaters use sticks to direct a ball into the opposing team’s goal.”

”To play bandy, find a large frozen pond or marsh, mark goals with tree branches,and use field hockey sticks and a rubber ball.”

”Players would eventually wear metal ice skates to play bandy,but in the game’s early days

any shoes, boots, or *bone skates sufficed.”

The origins and precursors to this game run deep into the timline of the game of Hockey

When it was recorded in Russian Monasteries in 901Ad.

It was also played during the 12 century in England and France.(1190Ad)

Bandy – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bandy

Sports and Games of the Renaissance – Page 65 – Google Books Result



Encyclopedia of World Sport: From Ancient Times to the Present


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”Lacrosse – Stickball is a team sport in which players pass, catch, and carry a rubber ball, using sticks with a netted pouch at one end. The object of lacrosse is to accumulate points by shooting the ball into the opposing team’s goal.”

” The Creator’s Game was 1st played by the First Nations of North America many centuries ago. It’s origin lost in the antiquity of myth and folklore.”

”Lacrosse played a significant role in the community and religious life of tribes across the continent for many years. Early lacrosse was characterized by deep spiritual involvement, befitting the spirit of combat in which it was undertaken. A match started with a face off during which the players would hold their sticks in the air and shout out to get the Gods’ attention. Games were sometimes played to appeal to the Gods’ for healing or to settle disputes between tribes. Those who took part did so in the role of warriors, with the goal of bringing glory and honor to themselves and their tribes. The game was said to be played “for the Creator”.

”Cherokee stickball is the ancestor of the modern game known as lacrosse.(1100Ad)$_57-1

”To the Cherokee, the game has profound spiritual, political, and social importance.

It is also a lot of fun and continues to be played to this day among the Eastern Band of the Cherokee Indians.”






According to the records skates for skating

were made from Scandinavia out of bone.

circa 3000 BC.

The Native Americans down in New England circa.500(possibly earlier)

were skating on these type of blades.

(usually made out o Elk and Buffalo shoulder-bone,shine-bone,jaw-bone,or rib-bone).





”A game using a crooked stick and a ball has been played on ground and ice since the pre-columbian era when the Haida nation living on the Queen Charlotte Islands and the Eskimo up in Alaska were playing the game.”



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