Ice Hockey Begins to Take Shape

originalAs the transformation of Stick and ball games ( previously played on ice without skates) to  stick-ball on ice games with skates started to take place,it’s interesting pointing out  some key dates,places,and people as to when this occurred.

I found *this passage from a diary dated 1612 but referring to 1610-11.

”1610-1611 – “A kynd of exercise they have often amongst them, much like that which boyes call bandy in English, and maye be an auncient game” – The historie of travaile into Virginia Britannia The historie of travaile into a -William Strachey


” A*chronicler of the Virginia Indians, William Strachey, writes in his 1612*Historie of Travel into Virginia Britanica*that Powhatan adults indulged in “a kind of exercise much like that which boys call Bandy in English.” Bandy is an old form of field hockey played on ice. The object of the game, Strachey says, was to drive a ball “between two trees appointed for their goal” by hitting it with a stick.”


”1612 Historie in Journey lacrosse drills for young players in Va Britanica the Powhatan grownups pampered at “a form of practice just like everything children contact Bandy employed in English.” Bandy is definitely an historical type of industry baseball competed around snow. ”


”Powhatan’s favouritewife, Winganuskie, and the Princess Pocahontas had no better home than this in winter. … They played “bandy” with crooked sticks, ” anauncient game,”says Strachey, who indulged abundantly in the parole of literary men.”

”Players would eventually wear metal ice skates to play bandy,but in the game’s early days

any shoes, boots, or *bone skates sufficed.

To play bandy, find a large frozen pond or marsh, mark goals with tree branches,

and use field hockey sticks and a rubber ball.”

The Kiowa were also known to have used rib-bone skates.


The  tribe living in South Dakota used to make Cherrywood Curved sticks and made Buffalo-rib-bone blades to move on in pursuit of some sort of object on ice when living in the bottom of were Mount Rushmore(Black Hills) is Today c.1650-1682.


The Teton-Lakota-Sioux were also playing a form of shinny on ice using buffalo-bone skates  on the Great Plains in South Dakota before time of contact.(1690-1743)

Thirdly are the Mi’kmaq of Nova Scotia who were known to have tied jaw-bone to there moccasins and play the game in the late 1690’s.

Here are some passages from these games.

” Europeans first recount ice hockey — then called “ricket” — being played by Micmac Indians in Nova Scotia in the late 1600s, who first used a frozen apple as a puck, later changing to pucks carved from cherrywood.”

”The Mi’kmaq played on skates made from sharpened animal bones.Wooden sticks were carved from hornbeam trees.”

”Although hockey has its roots in Irish hurling, the game as we know it was first played by the Mic Mac Indians in Nova Scotia in the late 1600’s and was called ricket by the Native Americans. The game was played using a frozen apple as a puck.”


Sports and Games of the Renaissance – Page 65 – Google Books Result

PDF]timeline – stick and ball games – Society for International Hockey …’s+dakota&source=bl&ots=e-NuQpvvvfli4&sig=9kTJXQFljCS0lpyYa7FpADEhIVs&hl=en&sa=X&ved=0CC0Q6AEwB2oVChMIh-6jwMKnxwIVC0mSCh0UxgFa

Virginia sports and entertainment law journal – Volume 4 – Page 240

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