Early Kingston Skating Rinks


I’ve put together a chronology and history of skating rinks in Kingston.

Although most of their early rinks were built for curling only.(1850-1890)(1)

In 1862 G.A Kirkpatrick built a large wooden building situated on King

and Emily streets called “the King street skating rink” used by the skating club of

Kingston as a rink.(2)

It was converted to a machine shop by 1870.(3)

In 1890 the Richardson Rink was built on the Queen’s University campus and

lasted until 1922 when it was burned down.(4)

The Jock Harty Arena replacing it that same year.

It too was lost in a fire.

Which lead to the second Jock Harty Arena in 1924.(5)

Eventually that was demolished also in 1968.

The third Jock Harty Arena was built in 1970 and torn down in 2007.(5)

Since late 2007 the Queens team plays at the old Memorial Centre opened in


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(3) Daily News (Kingston, ON), 12 Dec 1870: Maritime History of the …


(4) http://www.queensu.ca/gazette/alumnireview/stories/hockey-drills-different-sort

(5) Queen’s Encyclopedia – Jock Harty Arena – Queen’s University

http://www.queensu.ca › Home › J

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