The Evolution Of Hockey At St.Paul’s School 1856-Present


The modern game of Ice Hockey started to develop in some Canadian cities by the 1800’s.

In Halifax,Nova Scotia they were now officially calling the game

Shinny (A combination of Lacrosse,Bandy,Scottish Shinty,Irish Hurling

and Native American Shinny).

The game was then transfered over to Kingston,Ontario on Christmas Day 1855. Played on a frozen harbour by the Royal Canadian Rifles using 50 players per side.

A year later on April 3rd,1856 a Boston physician named George Shattuck and Henry Coit opened a private school in Concord,New Hampshire called St.Paul’s School.

Although initially built for educational purposes.

Physical athletics was also asserted into the school’s program in 1856.

Shinny was played on Turkey Pond during the winter of 1856.


Then the game Shinny was renamed Hockey (circa 1857 at Fort Edward,NS)

It was also renamed Hockey at St.Paul’s as well by 1860.

The transformation of Hockey to Ice Polo then took place later on circa 1878.

Then a traveling faculty member at St.Paul’s School named James Potter Conover visited Montreal in 1880-81 he witnessed a Hockey match and brought back sticks,rules,and a leather Puck to the school in Concord.

Additional rules were then written down in 1883,1884,and 1885.

By 1894 the school had adopted many aspects of the Canadian style of play

dropping from 11 men per side to 7 men per side.

As the game grew into the 20th century many stars were starting to emerge

and in 1906 a young kid from Philadelphia named ”Hobey Baker” had entered the program.


In his first year there he and his teammates

defeated the Harvard Crimson 7-5.

Then Defeated the Princeton Tigers 4-0 in 1908.

Shortly after that he enrolled into the Princeton program

where his play was nothing short of brilliant scoring 120 goals

and adding over 100 assists in only 40+ games.(1910-14)

After Princeton he then joined the St.Nicholas Hockey Club of the AAHL were

he was discovered by Harry Hyland(A Stanley Cup winner for the Montreal Wanderers in 1910 and great grandfather of Sidney Crosby).

Harry had offered Baker a contract with the Montreal Canadians but turned it down.

Unfortunately while enlisted in the army overseas he passed away while flying a plane in France.

One of his greatest accomplishments was scoring 11 goals in a game against Williams College in 1912.

St.Paul’s School still continues to produce Great Hockey players to this day.

It’s the oldest Hockey School in the country 1856 to Present.

Early American Hockey

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