The History of Hockey in Canada

FileMcGill-hockey-matchAs Hockey began to spread around Canada by the 1800’s it became a National Treasure and Pastime for most of the country.

It all started in a little town by the name of Windsor, Nova Scotia.
With the arrival of Charles Inglis and William Cochran.

Charles was born in Ireland then later worked in New York City’s Trinity Church at King’s College.(Columbia University today)

Following the evacuation of the British in the American Revolutionary War
he then returned to Britian in 1783.
After returning to the States as an Anglican Bishop.
He then opened a new King’s College, Windsor, Nova Scotia in 1788.

William Cochran, the school’s first president, introduced Ice-Hurley to his student’s C.1790.

While skating and playing Hurley on the ice on Long Pond would eventually become “Hockey” as we know today.

The sport was then transferred to places all over North America.

It was in Montreal where the first Indoor official Ice-Hockey game was played.

On March,the 3rd, 1875 James Creighton of Halifax organized two teams from McGill University to play each other inside the Victoria Skating Rink in Montreal.

After becoming an instant hit in Montreal it lead to the formation of the Winter Carnival in 1883.(Hockey’s first Championship Tournament)

Then in 1886 the Amateur Hockey Association(A precursor to the NHL)
was Organized in Montreal.
With this came the Montreal A.A.A Hockey Club winning 10 Championships in a row from 1885-1894.(Including the first two Stanley Cups)

Truly Hockey’s First Dynasty.

With the Birth of the Stanley Cup already by 1893, Hockey’s Popularity
was such in Canada that almost every town from coast by coast had a team and rink to play on.

Teams would compete for this Coveted Prize every year and star players began to emerge.

The original Amateur Hockey Association gradually became the NHL in 1917.
The four founding teams were the Ottawa Senators,Toronto Maple leafs(then called the Arenas), the Montreal Wanderers, and the Montreal Canadians.

Although there were many expansion teams in North America by the 1920’s.
It wasn’t until 1942 that the original six era was born.
Teams were now the Chicago Blackhawks,New York Rangers, Boston Bruins, Detroit Red wings, Montreal Canadians,and the Toronto Maple Leafs.

During this time(1942-1967)the Montreal Canadians and Toronto Maple Leafs pretty much dominated the league winning 10 cups each.

When the NHL decided to add 6 new teams in the 1967 it formed a new era.
This era lead to more expansion teams.

With the domination of American Clubs(Winning the last 21 Stanley Cups)
Hockey’s popularity has definitely grown in the States.

Although If it wasn’t for Canada there would be no Stanley Cup, no NHL,and no Indoor rinks to play in.


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